Window design brings financial luck

It is not as important as the main door but the window is considered the eyes of the house because it not only brings beauty, coolness, but also a place to exchange the air with the outside. More specifically, the potential in window designs will bring you financial luck.

Window design of shape, color, installation location, number will bring many good things for your workspace. The window is designed to open like receiving a new energy source, to avoid the energy and luck of the room. You should keep in mind some of the following:

- In the room, there should not be too many windows. A main door with three windows is best suited for best air conditioning inside and outside the home. When designing windows, you need to take air convection as a focus.

- The window should not be too wide and normally should be left with only two walls with windows. Placing too many windows will cause loss of property and revenue.

- Windows should not face the main door directly because the air entering the house quickly flies out, like putting a mirror facing the main door does not bring good meaning.

- Avoid opening the window inward

- Avoid making the window protecting too thick. This will cause aesthetic disadvantage, affect the vision and adversely affect the feng shui. In this feng shui case called "be quan toa cang" will make the air stifling, cramped, making the house have bad air.

- Design the windows with shapes being suitable for the Five Elements to create harmony for your workspace.


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