Things to remember when installing wooden furniture for the house

The small-sized apartment is still beautiful, charming and familiar with nature thanks to its ingenious use of wooden furniture.

This modest apartment is the home of a couple of middle-aged couples. Therefore, they desire to create a beautiful, simple, rustic space with a little peace and gentleness.

Their house is also replicated, helping the small apartment to be able to bring a comfortable, cozy and happy feeling to everyone when living here.

Living space

With the desire to create a crowded, warm, simple and environmentally friendly space, homeowners have spent a lot of effort and time to buy satisfied furniture.

The living room is decorated with chairs with wooden frames, tea tables and TV shelves. Homeowners have maintained the color of nature, helping the floor color and color of the walls more elegantly. Wooden TV shelves, that is close to the wall and opposite the main door, make this function space more impressive.

The reception function corner is also equipped with a long cushion for convenient rest, reading or listening to music.

The house will be brighter and wider when installing light-colored curtains.

Space in the kitchen and dining places

The dining corner is located right next to the living room with wooden tables and chairs with simple designs, bright colors to help people feel happy and excited when having meals.

Next to the dining corner is a pocket shelf system with convenient sliding doors, easily hiding the mess of the items in the cabinet, making the room more neat and tidy.

The natural wood material is mainly used for closing furniture, it will be more and more intimate, cozy when the lighting system is installed in harmony with the space. Warm bright yellow like blowing a happy, warm wind blowing to this simple, airy space.

In order to help small children love the living space of their families, the owner has constructed a blackboard on the wall, not only helps them quickly memorize the numbers and letters, but also practice reading letters with their parents when the whole family cooks or eats together.


The master bedroom is arranged quite simply from color to interior. Bed with comfortable high mattress, help the corner rest more gracefully. The bedroom is more polite, individual and peaceful thanks to painting a wall with coffee color.

The details for bedroom decoration such as pillows, drinks, lampshades ... help the resting place always beautiful.

With the baby's room, parents can arrange a few wooden items such as cabinet shelves, tables and chairs with bright paint color such as pink, green ... to make the room more cozy.


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