The taboo errors in feng shui "scare" your supporters

When you get your help in your work, the money destiny will be successful, your career is prosperous, convenient. Therefore, from the perspective of feng shui and morality, the habits that go against the feng shui principles below can make you lose your supporters.

Arranged feng shui room to have the supporters

Arrangement of a living room with feng shui is always a top priority to attract supporters and talents. A beautiful living room not only makes a good impression on the guests but also helps the work and relationships of the owner.

Trash is to the left of the work desk

The desk here includes a table to stay at home, in the office room ... Because according to feng shui, the two sides of these desks are the location of Dragon, which means that this position is the supporters, if you put a garbage bin there, you will make the supporters polluted. This is a feng shui taboo that chases you not many supporters know.

The table has many damaged objects

Regarding feng shui and morality, the desk is a window inviting the supporters, in principle, the "door" must be neatly neat and clean. Damaged and defective items are feng shui taboos that hinder the interest and closeness of the supporters.

Do not show the zodiac conflicting with your element

Do not display the item is a picture of the zodiac conflicting with your element. Many peopel liking wearing jewelry, or using zodiac-shaped items decorates the indoor. If these items are the zodiacs conflicting with your element, they will affect your supporters.

The cactus is after the seat

Everyone knows, if after the desks and chairs, the work desk ... there is a wall that means "leaning back on the mountain", that mean you have your supporter, but if between the wall and the chair, you put sharp objects like cactus, rose ... your supporters can't help you.

Hanging mirror behind the sofa

Many people wanted to create a spacious feeling for the room, so you hung a big mirror behind the sofa, not knowing that doing so was a great taboo of the feng shui chasing your supporters away. The real wall turns into a virtual wall, the supporters of the career will quietly leave.

Northwest to fire

In feng shui and logic, the trigrams divide the house into 8 divisions, in which the Can monster in the northwest is a symbol of the superior and supporters. According to the five elements, the kitchen belongs to Fire element, if the kitchen or objects belonging to the Fire element are put into this position, the Fire conflicts the Metal, meaning that the supporter is engraved, is a feng shui taboo that chases your supporter very badly.

Raising exposed turtles in the living room

The living room symbolizes the homeowner's career, if raising turtles, it is best not to stay in too obvious places, for example, just entering the door,  turtles have seen. Because the turtle is Huyen Vu, symbolizing the mean people, leaving the turtles exposed in the living room is a small person preventing you.

Treadmill is placed in the book room

Saying that the Northwest direction in the home is based on the azimuth analysis of the Eight Kingdoms, so the book room is the place where "has supporter", according to the specific features of the places in the house. The book room is a place to study and cultivate xinxing, so stillness should not move, if you bring the treadmill or movement tools to enter this room, it is in conflict with your "supporter".


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