"Shocked" about the mysterious rooms behind the door

Just a moderate space at the corner of the wall is where you can own the secret room behind the wall. And some of the ideas below are not only surprising but also easy to implement.

This is a bookcase made of wood, however, the bookshelf is hinged, so it will function as a door. Therefore, when you open the door, you will find out that the secret room is quite wide inside.

Still using the door function, at first glance, this modern office can hardly imagine that behind the white bookshelf, there is a separate living room space.

In fact, instead of dividing the bedroom and the living room by the wall, this house only uses the ceiling-touching bookshelf to play a role in space separation.

Did you find out the difference on the wooden wall next to the stairs? Surely you will be surprised when a part of the wall opens with a mysterious room inside.

Moreover, at the attic of this house, right down to the white wall and bookshelf below, just push behind the back, you will find the small office very quiet.


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