Leadership team

Mau Nhan Lai, a Chinese national, was born on June 15, 1968 in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. In 2004, he came to Vietnam in order to establish Van Su Loi Group, specializing in providing all kinds of machinery and equipment in all industries. Over 12 years of hardship, constantly searching and developing, in 2011, Van Su Loi Group was honored to be voted by consumers as one of Top 500 enterprises with "Top quality Products - Services in Vietnam". In 2010, the company implemented the policy of "Five services of Van Su Loi" with the principle that serving customers is the first priority, reforms 6S concept - traditional business model, so Van Su Loi leading enterprises in industry on applying 6S concept. In 2014, Van Su Loi Group established VAN SU LOI INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT CONSULTING CO., LTD, specializing in the real estate investment, asset management; investment consulting, conference services; consulting and booking travel routes ..., and as connectors to help Chinese businesses invest in Vietnam as well as other Southeast Asian countries to develop sustainably.

Nowadays, Mr. Mau Nhan Lai has taken the following social positions:

1. March 2014, held the position of President of China Trade Association in Vietnam.

2. November 2014, was the only representative of Chinese traders in Vietnam at the APEC Summit.

3. May 2015, became a foreign member of the Overseas Chinese Federation of Zhejiang Province.

4. May 2015, became Vice Chairman of China International Trade Promotion Council and China Foreign Trade Council.

5. May 2015, became the Standing Vice President of the Overseas Chinese Business Association of Yongjia County, Zhejiang Province.

6. January 2016, became the Founding President of the Zhejiang Business Association in Vietnam.

7. September 2016, became President of the Jiangsu Provincial Diplomatic Association.

8. December 2016, became the Honorary President of Thailand - Wenzhou Trade Association.