Core values



About Management - We value the "Self-governance" model, so we hope that each employee has a space for self-creation and we focuses on the positivity and creativity of employees. We expect this model of management can create an environment for employees to promote creativity, towards the best management model with the spirit of "Not managing but acting".

About Services - Under the market regulations, we look for suitable natural development paths. We always believe in "creating transaction value", striving to capture every cooperation transaction, so we want to become a leader in the market, to ensure survival in any environment.

About Human Resources - We believe that the response is brought about by our efforts, so we appreciate that the great importance to our ability, not considering the capacity and age of the profession is the representative for all (not decentralized age). We try our best in order to create the development space for each talented person.



We boldly shoulder the responsibility, promote the social factors of the business, integrate the social resources, take the responsibility and take the charge of Van Su Loi International Company to develop sustainably in all fields!

We advocate the honesty, take the satisfy of all customers as the core value to bring the most comprehensive professional service quality;

We do not speculate, do not disclose any information publicly, do not attempt to benefit more and absolutely do not manipulate information, do not do things against the interests of society, to eventually get social deny.



We are dedicated to providing the best services;

We are determined to make the Van Su Loi Group  approach every human being, help Van Su Loi forever.